Panel Retrofit

We are experienced and innovatively work on the requirements of on-site panel refurbishment and retrofit for renovating existing electrical systems and other units. With our effective work, tools and technology we minimize the demolition of existing walls and other areas of the property as well as you don’t need to worry about eventual repair costs when upgrading outdated electrical distribution systems.

Panel Refurbishment

Many individuals, companies and industries are facing aging infrastructure in Cameroon; and it is a high time when they should look for complete refurbishment and retrofit services in order to transform. The work space along with the performance and results.  Our on-site panel refurbishment and retrofitting options will revive existing systems and improve overall quality of the concern. We provide the best solutions so that you can attain the benefits, including – upgrade everything for improving the performance by replacing outdated systems. Replacing them will mean panels will have better performance and protection and will help the business to perform better always.

Our refurbishment solutions involve a maintenance sweep of all parts. And we ensure to undergo with proper inspection, cleaning, repairing and lubrication of parts as well as. We also replace the damaged parts. The major advantage of this option is the overall cost savings and to improve the performance, hence speak to our experts for complete details.