Thermal Survey

Blue Ladder technologies Ltd provides industry leading and proven thermal survey and reporting services to the endless companies and industries. Why thermography on electrical system? It is important to know that electrical thermal imaging is very popular and the most established application. Which is very useful when it comes to the preventive maintenance technology for identifying the defects.

Reporting Regarding Control Panels And Equipment

Certain issues can be there, including- poor connections, faulty electrical equipments, over burdened cables, performance issues or anything else, which can be identified quickly with the electrical thermal imaging. Our provision of thermal survey & reporting regarding Control Panels and Equipment Cameroon is advanced and proven to various companies and industries with their work. We always tailor our survey strategies as per the requirements of the clients as well as after the thermographic inspections. Our inspections and other work are carried out safely and non-intrusively. Hence you don’t need to worry about any disruption to business operations. You can continue with the business operations whilst we perform our tasks efficiently and providing a full audit report of the health of the equipment.

Our electrical inspection includes- all panels will be removed if necessary, safe to do so and on the permit to Work. And, instant report generation is possible which can be emailed to the client at the end of the inspection.