Electrical Equipment

Need full range of electrical equipment and components to be installed in your property? No matter what it is- we are here with a large stock of all equipments. And components will help you in getting comfortable life as well as for better performance. We are the best company in Cameroon, offer high quality electrical equipment and components of all types. Hence you just name and we will be there with everything you need to be installed.

Electrical Equipment And Components Of All Types

Be it fire alarm, CCTV cameras, solar panel, power sockets, interconnects, switches, relays or anything else, we have A-Z things in the stock and ensure to offer everything of very high quality and at the best prices. We supply and ensure to deliver everything on your site so that we can cut down the delivery time and costs of yours. You better browse our products, which includes everything you need for your building, industries and residential houses. Blue Ladder Technologies Ltd is an authorized distributor of electronic components in Africa and your one-stop source for getting interconnect, passive, and electromechanical products of world-class brands.

We know how the usage of the right tool for a particular job is important so we manufacture and sell right and reliable equipments and components with varied designs and features.